Rock No More

A - 063n2The future we see our lives taking, can disappear in a split second, taking us along paths we never thought we would tread. Some bad, some good, some surprising the hell out of us. But all we can do is hold on tight and hope we survive.

This is an intense story of love with a twist that will rock your world!

Max Stone, lead guitarist of one of the hottest rock bands travelling the globe, is also a man who for the past twelve years has had his head buried in a bottle almost every minute he is not on stage. If it wasn’t for the 24 hour support and care of his rock “Princess,” he wouldn’t have survived one year of this gruelling life.

The only life that Rachel Spire knows is the one out of a suitcase, and the one where she spends every waking hour worrying about the man she loves. This life of constant traveling and supervision of her man, who seems to always prefer the comfort of a bottle of Jack instead of her open arms, is finally taking its toll. After studying on line in-between gigs, she finally sees an opportunity at a normal stress-free life with a stable 9-5 job. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Take the heart-wrenching journey to see if Max can finally stand on his own two feet and prove his undying love to his “Princess” and discover if Racheal really can leave the music behind and cope alone in a very different world to what she has always known.

Whose life will soar to new heights and whose will come down in an earth shattering crash.

This is a story that will take your breath away more than once.

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